Project Planning & Management

Project Planning & Management

Design Collaboration with Walter Hood, Chiu Lin Tse-Chan and Mark Loughnan

Assisting clients in orchestrating complex projects and the creation, expansion or improvement of their facilities.

Deborah Frieden brings a unique breadth of experience and planning approach to its project management services.  We work with our clients to orchestrate all planning activities in concert with the operational and organization development work that goes hand-in-hand with the technical aspects of project planning.  We assist our clients from the earliest stages of planning to ensure they:

  • have clearly established project objectives;
  • will be prepared to implement a project efficiently and effectively; and
  • will successfully procure and manage architecture, design and construction services, among others. 

Pre-development Project Planning
This is the most critical aspect of Project Planning for non-profits to ensure they avoid the pitfalls that are all too typical.  Pre-development planning establishes project priorities and objectives, budgets, schedules, preliminary space programs and functional space needs, project team development strategies, and project management strategies such as financial, resource, and contract management.
At the same time, the project management efforts will be coordinated with the operational realities such as fundraising, resource allocation, governance and public relations issues that the organization will face.  This work often involves preparation of a Case Statement for the project that can be used with civic officials, developers, or funders.  This work may also include preparation of a Site Development evaluation or Site Development Plan.
Architectural Team Selection
Process Selection:  This work evaluates the organization’s needs and aspirations combined with its governance and political structure(s) to determine the best process for each individual client.
Process Management and Advising:  Process management and advising includes the oversight of the process strategically as well as its implementation and related communications.  We prepare detailed Requests for Proposals and/or Qualifications, manage information and communications during the proposal stage, and oversee an appropriate and rigorous review process to ensure that the selected firm meets all qualifications and client expectations.

Construction Management Team
de Young Museum

Executive Management
These services include Pre-Project Planning and guiding the client through all aspects of Project Management at an executive level, including

  • Site Evaluation;
  • Project team selection and management, including project managers,  exhibition designers, lighting experts, graphics, etc.;
  • Peer review of project management and contract management practices;
  • Entitlement procurement; and
  • Coordination of Project Planning with Organizational Development.